Mishpatim (Judgments) Ex. 21-24:18

Psalm 119:164 “I will praise you 7 times a day for your righteous judgments [mishpat].” I don’t even think I praise God once a day for his righteous judgments, but I have to agree that they are pretty awesome. Thank God that “every one of [his] righteous judgments [mishpat] endures forever” (Psalm 119:164). I don’t think anyone would want to live without these, at least, not anyone who has ever been oppressed, robbed, or swindled in any way.

But does God still expect us to defer to his judgments–old fashioned stuff like enforcing rules of limited liability and keeping bribes out of courtrooms? Are we really supposed to try to conduct ourselves that way? In other words, hasn’t this all been “done away with”? There’s a test for that in the companion reading in Jeremiah 33. It goes something like this: God’s covenant is in effect if the following conditions are all satisfied:
1. Night and day are following one another regularly.
2. Celestial bodies are still acting in accordance with physical laws.
3. The earth is still acting in accordance with physical laws.

I like that. I can test that myself!
1. Yes, in fact it was just night and now it’s day. So far so good.
2. Well, other than what relates to condition 1, I can’t really say I pay attention, but I think it would be newsworthy if condition 2 were not true, so I’ll check the Drudge Report: http://www.drudgereport.com/ — so far, no news. It’s just an assumption on my part though. I’ll keep watching for the cosmos to fall apart. Head’s up, one day it will, but I suspect everyone will know pretty much right as it happens.
3. From all appearances, the last condition still holds too. Gravity still seems to be in effect here in my living room.

Looks like good news for the downtrodden!


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