10 Hours until Shabbat!

I’m running late! I started the bread machine this morning; I still have to roll & shape the dough; I haven’t vacuumed or cleaned, I haven’t grocery shopped, and I have to work today! Ah!

But, things are looking good: I woke up about an hour earlier than usual, made a new batch of dog food for my hungry pup, entered some grades for a campus class, finished grading most of the rest of that class’s work, graded an assignment for my online class, and caught up with the discussion list on my work email. Phew! Really, even getting the dough started this morning was an accomplishment! And all this got done besides getting the few dishes done that were left from last night–a step that is worked into my challah recipe. How could I complain?

I can’t, obviously. But I can panic!


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