Vayakhel (he gathered) & Pekudei (accounts) – Ex. 38:21-40:38 & Ex. 35:1-38:20

“The people of Israel did all the work just as Adonai had ordered Moshe. Moshe saw all the work, and–there it was!–they had done it! Exactly as Adonai had ordered,they had done it. And Moshe blessed them” (CJV, Ex. 29.42-43).

What a beautiful testimony for the people of God! Perfect obedience! I get the impression Moses is blown away at this moment. God’s words, God’s plans, had materialized in the world. Amazing. If only Yeshua (Jesus) could have confidence that his sheep would be this diligent. How sad that he even wondered about this: “when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” (RSV, Luke 18.8). May we all do our work exactly as the Lord orders us and be blessed to hear “Well done, good and faithful servant!” (KJV, Matt. 25.21). My heart cries, Lord, open our ears that we might hear and obey! Turn our hearts to your ways and cause us to walk in them!


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