The Season of our Freedom

Things already done for Passover

  • order the meat (ordered & picked up the same day!)
  • prepare the tablecloth and napkins
  • bring up the china and wash it
  • bring up the wine glasses and wash them
  • find or write the sheet music for my favorite version of “Next Year in Jerusalem”
  • Make copies of “Dayenu” and “Ma Nishtanah”
  • Make music booklets for everyone
  • Print the place cards
  • Wash the dog
  • invite the eighth guest
  • find the haggadahs
  • figure out the rest of the menu
  • get the groceries
  • buy the matzah
  • Oops! Tune the piano… well, we just won’t hit D-54

This site has some as seder sheet music pdfs:


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