Chapter 5 Marriage (God, the First Feminist)

Interestingly, all of the duties of the marriage fall on the man. It is his responsibility to provide clothing, food, and conjugal relations (Ex. 21:10). Those terms are present in the modern day ketubah, the marriage contract. They benefit the women by binding the men.

Women do get in trouble for misrepresenting themselves as virgins when they are not, adultery, and secluding themselves with men in what could be an opportunity to commit adultery. All of those destroy the husband’s faith in the wife. The Law of Jealousy can restore the relationship of the woman who secludes herself with a man if in fact she is innocent (Num. 5:12-31), but the others are proper grounds for divorce in some cases, but death when the matter is established by two or three witnesses (Deut. 22:20-22).


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