The Sabbath

Well, it looks like I may, Lord willing, be given an opportunity to discuss the Sabbath with some people who have never heard that there be any Sabbaths for the people of God.

Where do I begin? And how?

My thoughts tend toward Genesis 2, creation, and God’s decree he introduced into the cosmos when he decided–despite what was already there and “good”–he would call the Sabbath “holy.” God made part of creation holy. God made a holy space in time. How cool is that? The physical and the divine intersect on the seventh day. Always. That blows me away.

A friend of mine really gets her kicks out of the knowledge that because day seven was a sabbath, neither the world nor mankind ever experienced a seventh day that was not a sabbath. The sabbath was not an afterthought, not a response to our busy, stressful lives, not a special gift for a nation that would come into being 2000 years later. It was made for man, and Adam and Eve lived their first full day on the sabbath.

Another friend thinks the Big Ten are the way to go. It’s not hard to demonstrate that there is no such thing as a “ceremonial” law.

I know the NT is used to try to nullify the Sabbath, so I’m rereading some of those passages, hence the post about Romans 14. Maybe I’ll make separate posts on each of those as I study them.

In the end, I know Shabbat is a heart matter like anything and everything that has to do with God. It takes the revelation of God. How many times did I say “I’m not under the law” concerning the Sabbath? I didn’t know. But God knows and God reveals and God gives grace.


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