Expository Preaching

I’ve been reading about expository preaching lately, and I found a number of helpful resources. In no way would I every pretend to be a preacher, but I was thinking about a study I’ve been doing on Psalm 145 this week, and I was trying to line up my line-by-line observations with a theme. I’d like to just jot it down here if that’s okay. If I’m off, please do me the great kindness (I mean that sincerely) of correcting me.

I’m noticing that, as David presents it, praising God has consequences in the natural world. It actually alters reality in that it calls forth certain memories and even behavior in others. When one generation praises God, the next generation multiplies that praise; it grows exponentially. Here’s the thesis I’m pulling from a slow study of the psalm and a glance at the world around me: I am not praising God enough! If I were, if all of us believers were, we would see some pretty specific things if David is right. For example, we would see mankind glorifying God. We’d see people fearing God because of the terrifying things he’s done in the past. We’d see testimonies bubbling out of people like a spring of fresh water. We’d see created things thanking God, and we’d see believers on their knees worshiping. That’s what David says. Is he right?

P.S. The secret missing nun is perhaps the coolest detail of the psalm. For some instant gratification, jump over to the Chabad website and search for the discussion of the Hebrew letter nun.


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