Lo Tachmod, Don’t Covet

Don’t covet. What does that mean? I ought not lust after things I do not own. Okay, fine. But then I also shouldn’t imagine owning those things. And if I’m going to be careful not to imagine owning things that are not mine, then I shouldn’t say things I’ve often said in the past that sound like this:

if I were driving that car, …
if I had that $2000…
if I owned a house like that…

I’m not suggesting the hypothetical statements are evil, mind you. I just think that coveting is a normal part of conversation.

Covetousness is only one problem with our government, but think how much could be solved if it would obey this one commandment! No longer would the government say, “If I had your money, I would feed the poor!” or “If I had your money, I would do many wonderful works of God!” Well, maybe so, maybe not; the truth is God says it is evil to even suggest it, so drop it: that’s my advice. Even the children of God get caught up in this coveting game when they start to imagine all the good things they would do with what properly belongs to someone else. Don’t covet, God says, urges, commands. Instead, we can take responsibility for our own lives and for making the best with what we have. And pay fewer taxes. And live lives more in line with the will of the father.


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