Lot’s Righteousness – Revisited

Old post from 11 Dec 2009:

Q: In what way was Lot righteous?
A: Relatively speaking, he was–and wasn’t.  It’s a cruel kind of hospitality that protects his guests by jeopardizing his daughters.  (Blah, blah, blah… I went on and on about it.)

New post from this year’s Torah cycle (2013-2014):

I no longer think Lot jeopardized his daughters at all. I now see him offering his two daughters the way someone offers themselves when they say, “Over my dead body!” He didn’t offer his daughters. The crowd doesn’t respond to an offer of daughters; instead, they respond with anger that what he said judged them as wicked. Thus, Lot’s reputation is saved, and I am sorry for accusing him of something he never did.



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