Beards and Identity

Coming from a tradition that emphasizes scriptural (sort of) dress codes for women, I was struck by how easily the men of the denomination explained away the scriptural view of beards.
“It’s just cultural,” they said, meaning not moral. Beards are a shame in modern America, apparently, much as they were in Joseph’s Egypt.


The video–no longer available–called Men of God, let your beards be seen! was a fabulous exploration of men and facial hair. Alas, it’s not there, but it affects me still in a poignant question the narrator asked near the end of the piece: “By the way, who is your God?”

Who is my God? That question helps me see how thin my excuses are, and how quickly they will fall away on that coming day. Who is my God? Is it the God of Israel, or is it another god, a god of people pleasing, a god of pride, a god of self-importance?

My God has a life and a walk for me, and I will learn to walk freely in that life that is wholly dependent upon him alone.


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