Headscarf Alert!

Alert #1: For all you ladies under cover, Target has wide, lightweight scarves available! I’m moving from crochet headbands to scarves this semester, so I have been culling aisles in thrift stores to prepare, but I really needed some basic ones that will work with anything.

My favorite Target find is this feather-light 27″ wide navy-olive-gray scarf:

Check out how thin it is when it’s expanded!

Diaphanous is almost too strong a word to describe this light fabric!

And then I also found a classy black/brown/cool neutral striped number:

And then I had to get out of the store before I put every other scarf in my cart!

The scarves are going for 12.99-15.99 and above (!), so I didn’t get any solid colored rayon scarves, but they have so many colors right now it may be worth your time to drop in and grab the one color you’ve been looking for. In my case, that meant splurging for this beauty just before I reached the checkouts:

The watermelon stripe in that loosely woven scarf is a perfect match to a pretty top I love to wear when I’m going casual. Plus I can throw bobby pins through the material to secure it.
Alert #2: If you ever go to malls, Icing has scarves/wide headbands on clearance. My friend has been scoring covers for under five dollars. (The Fuchsia Headscarf Love post features one of those finds.)


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