Seasons Change – September of 2011

I’ve been away. School began. My Mom went into the hospital (for frequent falling). She came out. We went home. I’ve stayed with her since then. She needs 24-hour care. That was early September. How many 184-pound dependant lifts have I done since then? I am sore but so far have been sustained moment by moment by the unfailing strength of the Lord.

Friends, there is nothing in the world I thought about less than toileting before. And now? Now I have left my home, my beloved husband and dog, my role as hostess, my challah-baking, my whole Shabbat group–everything, really–to attend to the bathroom needs of another person. I am bewildered.

And she’s been getting brain radiation (again). The hospital bed, Hoyer lift (if I could ever figure it out), and wheelchair are all part of a quick decline not from the cancer but from the dexamethasone (a steroid) she has been on for too long. Known side effects: the legs give out, the face rounds out.

It’s not the disease, folks, it’s the cure.


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