Delight Yourself in the Lord and…

How many answered prayers can I have in one 24-hour period?
Last year, three adorable children stopped by the house to rake. They came, I think, on a Saturday, so of course, out of respect for me respecting the Sabbath, my husband asked them to come Sunday instead. They did, but we missed them because we were out running an errand at the time.
I was disappointed. I wanted to get to know the young entrepreneurs; I wanted to teach them how to make challah and hire them as little helpers to get everything in order before the Sabbath. But we missed them and it never happened.
Friend, guess who stopped by today. And guess who raked, helped me take down the rest of the sukkah, and helped me make bread for the Sabbath? Yep, the same three children.
Thank you, father in heaven, for giving me the desire of my heart after a year all in one day.


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