What I’ve Been up To, Part III., Grapefruit

So, apparently, you can buy 5 pounds of grapefruit for 97 cents in Texas. So I bought 40 pounds at that price for a canning extravaganza that started today. It sounds like more than it is, see?

You’ll have to imagine the mess I made sectioning the first 27 pounds,  which made 7 quarts.

If my calculations are correct, the finished cost is about 75 cents a quart, not counting the extra gasoline we used to carry that much weight in fruit or the cost of canning supplies. : ) But this was not economically motivated. The grapefruit was much sweeter than anything in the produce aisle or in a can up here. Even if it hadn’t been, I might have still bought the fruit as canning is becoming a sort of hobby.

I can’t wait to try a fruit salad recipe passed along by a relative: canned grapefruit, fresh grapes, mandarin oranges, and strawberry juice.


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