Posted by: Heather | February 2, 2012

Left, Lost, Departed from, or Divorced

At a Bible study on chapter 2 of Revelation, I was intrigued by a footnote in my NET (beta) Bible that said the word “departed from” in 2:4 “But I have this against you: You have departed from your first love!” according to the translation note, “can actually be used of divorce… so the imagery here is very strong.”

At the study, a lot of people talked about how easy it is to slide away from Christ without meaning to. As an alternative reading, the idea of the called-out ones actually divorcing Christ speaks to willfully packing up our bags and leaving his household, his rules, and his authority. To me, that makes sense of the next verse, “Therefore remember from what high state you have fallen and repent!” As the bride of Christ, the called-out ones have everything. If they divorce him, they are nothing; they have no standing in the household. Harsh.

May it never be said of us that we left, lost, departed from or divorced our first love, and if we have, let us repent and be restored, and be permitted to eat from the tree of life in the paradise of God.


What do you think?

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