How to Hang on through Suffering: Michael Card’s “Lamenting is Worship”

Don’t miss these if you’ve ever felt hurt by, disappointed in, angry at, or confused by God! In Michael Card’s “Lamenting is Worship” lecture, he explores our relationship with God within a five-fold framework:

1. The journey

2. Wilderness worship

3. Formula of remembrance

4. Presence

5. The vav adversative (vav translated as “but”)

6. Chesed (lovingkindness)

I’m purposely not explaining those so as not to spoil parts 1
through 3 for you, the first 25-30 minutes.

He begins to break them down in detail with example psalms at the end of part 3. By part 6, he’s talking about our inability to respond appropriately to the suffering of others; it’s good teaching whether you are suffering or hoping to comfort those who are suffering. Check it out and be blessed!


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