Two New Years

Blessed to see God set his calendar in Exodus 12:2 (part of “Bo” or “Go,” this week’s Torah portion) as I was reading it on January 1, I started musing about the significance of knowing God’s calendar.

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Now, I have to confess, dear readers, that while I’ve been away these some… oh, 107 days (gulp! rough semester!), I’ve lost my infatuation with knowledge. In fact, I may have become a little anti-knowledge, which is why I’m intrigued about the connection between knowing God’s calendar and the exodus from Egypt.

Here’s the thing I never noticed before (sing it if you know the tune): “You can’t get one without the [beat] other.” That is, the children of Israel couldn’t get delivered without the calendar to tell them when to observe the Passover. If they  were the firstborn and they missed it, they were dead. People are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  And us? What does that mean for us? Can we get delivered from this final greater exodus to come if we don’t know the calendar? Doubtful.

Then again, what will the holy spirit do if not lead us into all truth, and how much more will we be depending on that leading as prophecy unfolds, right? So then, considering the godly wisdom at our disposal via the holy spirit, can we get delivered from the greater exodus to come if we don’t know the calendar? Possibly, sure. But I want a comforter who doesn’t have to play the part of a triage nurse, barking out orders in the spirit realm to try to stop the bleeding here or get out the defibrillator there. I don’t want to be walking dazed and wounded like that with the Lord.

Yet, in my current semi-anti-knowledge state, I do not like the idea that we need to know God’s calendar or be destroyed. Here’s a loophole I’m trying on for size: if we make a one-to-one correlation between the firstborn of Israel (the natural priesthood before the golden calf incident) and the firstborn of believers (the spirit’s firstborn priesthood of Melchizedek), then I think there’s a resolution I can live with.

Perhaps everyone in every household doesn’t need to know God’s calendar. The nursing babies in Egypt wouldn’t have known, and they would have been delivered. The ones who need to know are the priests. Priests eat meat. As long as the priesthood knows what’s going on, they can herd the little ones into the house, act on the commands, and answer questions later. 

So here’s what I think is reasonable to conclude from Exodus 12.2 where God announces the real new year according to his calendar:

  • If you know God’s calendar, that’s super. It’s important to him, and it allows us to follow him. We’re going to have to look out for the little ones.
  • If you don’t know God’s calendar, get next to someone who does. When it all goes down according to God’s prophetic timing, you’re going to want someone nearby who can tell you what time it is and usher you to the table inside the house and beyond the grip of the Death Angel.

Knowledge puffs up. Love edifies. I’m trying to walk out the love in my life. Much love to you all and blessings on your 2014 journey,




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