Remembering the Sabbath: How Honoring the Sabbath is like Being Engaged

Hello, blogging friends!

You’re invited to view this video about the irrepressible romance of the 4th command. If you’re a Sabbath-keeper, help me change the conversation about these commands: They are life and they are a delight! I’d love to hear how you prepare and keep the Sabbath!


If you’re not (or not yet) a sabbath-keeper, I hope the video will give you a glimpse into the weekly anticipation and joy that comes with remembering (acting on behalf of) and keeping (guarding) the 7th day: you, too, were created in God’s image and have a right to rest!

Grace, peace, and love in Christ to you all. And pray that I have the courage to post a link to the video on Facebook Friday afternoon. (Am I the only one who finds the environment of “friends” on Facebook more harsh than the encouraging community on WordPress?)




7 thoughts on “Remembering the Sabbath: How Honoring the Sabbath is like Being Engaged

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  1. Heather, this was gorgeous. Thank you for bringing out the wonder and beauty of Shabbat, and for reminding me of why we do what we do every week. We can get so bogged down in the preparing that we forget to be more conscious WHY we are preparing on a much deeper, more intimate level. Loved this, and shared! 🙂

    Shalom! AND an early Shabbat Shalom!

    1. Thank you! I hope others will do something along those lines, too–something about how the Sabbath actually transforms our whole week with excitement and purpose… I’m purposing to do less arguing/analyzing about the Sabbath and more storytelling! Lol, that may be a tall order, for I do love analysis… but it has worked against me, and the battle for the heart is an emotional one, not an analytic one, probably. *sigh* 🙂 Shabbat Shalom to you and your family, too!

  2. Sorry I meant to comment with my personal account! This was great! I am so glad my friend shared it with me, and I am very excited to find your blog! Shabbat Shalom!

  3. My heart leap with joy when I heard your writing for our beloved bridegroom and honoring Shabbat. This truly touched my heart, the passion and longing you have to be with Him; you ignited a deeper passion in me for the Sabbath. So beautiful. Thank you. May I ask you something that may seem off topic, have you been having dreams and or visions lately from the Lord?

    1. Thank you, Heather, for your kind words. I haven’t had a specific dream or vision very recently. Did you have one or a series of them you wanted to share?

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