Torah Study Resource Links

Here are some resources that have been ministering to my heart this last year:

Beth Immanuel Sabbath Fellowship in Hudson, Wisconsin, has interesting articles, the best series I’ve ever heard on the book of Hebrews, and a great series right now on Revelation. D. Thomas Lancaster researches the historical and cultural context of scriptures. I’ve had my mind blown more than a few times.

Restoration of Torah Ministries has study guides that train readers to discover chiasms in the Bible and analyze passages thematically. It is Aleph Beta on steriods with Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) at the center of every PDF parsha commentary–the adult versions of which, by the way, run 20+ pages per Torah Portion. Restoration of Torah Ministries also has a children’s guide for each portion that is about 5 pages.

Beth Tikkun is a newer discovery, and I’m being fed Grant Luton’s journey through the book of Matthew. I appreciate his emphasis on feeding the sheep with the Word rather than… well, rather than anything else a teacher might do.

Hollisa Alewine leads viewers through beautiful lessons on Creation and other topics. They are in-depth and rely heavily on thematic analysis. She is careful to bring her audience to a place where viewers can reflect on their own lives and behavior in the light of the glorious gospel and ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Torah Class has excellent material on the first five books of the Bible. I learned a lot from Tom Bradford’s trip through Leviticus, the beautiful heart of the Torah. The website switched to a logon format, so I haven’t been there in a while, but I remember being impressed with the way the teachings always increased my love for Jesus and other people.

What’s been ministering to your heart? Feel free to add links in the Comments. Please take care not to post anything disparaging about a ministry listed above or a ministry someone posts below. This is a place to add honor to the body of Christ, not subtract from it.


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