Risking Authenticity: Being Unleavened in Sincerity and Truth

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What Not to Say When You’re Sorry

Remember Boy George’s “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” song? I’ve had it in my head all day as I was musing about things we say that we would be better of not saying.

The line: “If I really wanted to hurt you, _____.”  This could end a number of ways: “I’d do such-and-such,” or “you’d know it!” or “such-and-such would happen.”  Let’s face it: there’s no good way for this kind of line to end. It’s not going to help the situation. We probably mean, “Hey, I’m so sorry: I didn’t mean to hurt you at all.”  However, that’s not exactly how it comes across. Continue reading “What Not to Say When You’re Sorry”

“How can I glorify God in my response?” – A New Question

Do you have a default question you ask yourself or take to prayer when things don’t go well? One lady I know would ask, “Where does this fit in my maturation process, Lord?” That’s a good one. It kept her from holding grudges, so it worked for her. I’d been thinking about what question I could ask, and settled on this: “How can I glorify God in my response to this situation?”

I had the chance to try it out this week. Continue reading ““How can I glorify God in my response?” – A New Question”

“Hair–Got that Covered?” – Chaya Lester’s Poem

Don’t miss this woman’s manifesto on culture, covering, and marriage. I tend to sidestep questions about my headcoverings; perhaps I should say more than “It has to do with marriage.”

(I originally found this video originally on Maya Resnikoff’s “How to Cover: A Head-Covering Blog,” which has tons of cute ties, by the way.)


PS  That painting in the background? Wow!

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