Living with Loss, a Testimony in Progress

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Question for Readers: Sexual Purity in Marriage–how do you handle a reluctant spouse?


How have you handled the transition to living Leviticus 15’s marital purity regulations (or counseled others to handle the transition) when a spouse has been reluctant or even hostile to making the change? Please protect names/identities so that no one’s reputation is hurt through the discussion.

Would your advice change if the spouse was a nonbeliever verses a believer?

 Image courtesy of luigi diamanti at

Image courtesy of luigi diamanti at

I hope to write a post at some point that brings in the scriptures I feel address this issue, but I value your experience and want to start a discussion first. 

Please comment below or link to posts where you’ve addressed this issue. Thank you! 

Remembering the Sabbath: How Honoring the Sabbath is like Being Engaged

Hello, blogging friends!

You’re invited to view this video about the irrepressible romance of the 4th command. If you’re a Sabbath-keeper, help me change the conversation about these commands: They are life and they are a delight! I’d love to hear how you prepare and keep the Sabbath!


If you’re not (or not yet) a sabbath-keeper, I hope the video will give you a glimpse into the weekly anticipation and joy that comes with remembering (acting on behalf of) and keeping (guarding) the 7th day: you, too, were created in God’s image and have a right to rest!

Grace, peace, and love in Christ to you all. And pray that I have the courage to post a link to the video on Facebook Friday afternoon. (Am I the only one who finds the environment of “friends” on Facebook more harsh than the encouraging community on WordPress?)



What Not to Say When You’re Sorry

Remember Boy George’s “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” song? I’ve had it in my head all day as I was musing about things we say that we would be better of not saying.

The line: “If I really wanted to hurt you, _____.”  This could end a number of ways: “I’d do such-and-such,” or “you’d know it!” or “such-and-such would happen.”  Let’s face it: there’s no good way for this kind of line to end. It’s not going to help the situation. We probably mean, “Hey, I’m so sorry: I didn’t mean to hurt you at all.”  However, that’s not exactly how it comes across. Continue reading “What Not to Say When You’re Sorry”

“How can I glorify God in my response?” – A New Question

Do you have a default question you ask yourself or take to prayer when things don’t go well? One lady I know would ask, “Where does this fit in my maturation process, Lord?” That’s a good one. It kept her from holding grudges, so it worked for her. I’d been thinking about what question I could ask, and settled on this: “How can I glorify God in my response to this situation?”

I had the chance to try it out this week. Continue reading ““How can I glorify God in my response?” – A New Question”

“Hair–Got that Covered?” – Chaya Lester’s Poem

Don’t miss this woman’s manifesto on culture, covering, and marriage. I tend to sidestep questions about my headcoverings; perhaps I should say more than “It has to do with marriage.”

(I originally found this video originally on Maya Resnikoff’s “How to Cover: A Head-Covering Blog,” which has tons of cute ties, by the way.)


PS  That painting in the background? Wow!

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