Clean Kitchens

If you’re beginning to eat a biblically clean diet, you can find no better handbook than chapter 11 of Leviticus. Start there.

I’m tempted to say no more about the subject of kosher food, but the topic is more complicated than you might think, though less complicated than you might fear. To be clear, I’m coming from the perspective of someone who values rabbinic insights, which are sometimes simply logical extrapolations of what the biblical text actually says, but follows the Master, Jesus, who purposely walked outside some (not all) rabbinic traditions, like these, which I do not follow:

  • the rabbinic command to wash one’s hands before partaking of biblically clean foods–and to do it in the way of the rabbinic tradition, addressed by the Master in Matt 15.
  • special doctoring of foods that could be in contact with heathens, like heating wine, in order to render it unfit for pagan ceremonies, address by Paul in Romans 14 (a closer look at the chapter can be found here.
  • the entire set of rabbinic commands that stem from their “table-as-temple” doctrine, best researched in other historical Jewish documents.

(I’m sure there are others. )

But back to the point. Leviticus 11 will not let you down.




  1. There is a gentleman by the name of Paul Nison who has videos addressing health according to the Scriptures in such a way that you end up looking at food no longer through the mind of a Gentile, but natural, clean and pure as our Messiah.

    He goes over the ideas of eating raw, organic meals as well teachings on how often and much we really need to be eating, since our culture has had it’s deal of misunderstandings in that area of our lives. He’s very detailed and informative as well as to the point and basic.

    You can visit to learn more.

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