Practical Shabbat

FAQs and More

Q: How can we make the sabbath holy?

A: Great news! We can’t! The sabbath already is holy. God declared the seventh day (Friday sundown to Saturday sundown) holy at the very beginning of creation (Genesis 2:3) and nothing we can do will ever change God’s decree. How interesting that God injects holiness into our universe through setting apart a space in time! We all live in time; we can all bear witness to our heavenly father by honoring his decree about his holy day.

Q: What are we supposed to do with the sabbath, then?

A: God commands us to “keep” and “remember” the sabbath. We take steps to guard the holiness that God bestowed on that day. We choose to be good stewards.

Practically speaking, it is not hard to “keep” and “remember” the sabbath as God has asked us to. We know from the Word of God that we shouldn’t light a fire or gather sticks. We should cook whatever meat we’re going to eat ahead of time and bake whatever bread we’re going to eat ahead of time. We should refrain doing our work, following our own interests, and from buying or selling on God’s holy day. Also, we should, above all, do good! It’s a holy convocation, a time to get together with believers and be renewed in our physical and spiritual beings. It’s also a divine appointment, a time when God himself asks us to stop and spend some time with him.

Note: No one keeps the sabbath by accident. It takes preparation. By “remembering” that Shabbat is fast approaching every week, we are provoked to prepare ourselves! The sabbath is a little taste of eternity, the time when “no man can work.” Dear friend, when you first begin keeping Shabbat and run out of time, you will have the most vivid object lesson imaginable about the weeping and gnashing of teeth of those who fall asleep without being prepared for eternity. Twenty-four hours is a very long time to consider all the things you didn’t do during the week to get yourself and your house in order. Conversely, when you get it under control–really get it under control–and you meet your maker for that divine date like a bride prepared for her husband, you will have sweet fellowship divine and a picture of the focus you need to run the race with patience!

The Sabbath reminds us to live on purpose, to live for a divine, eternal appointment. Every week, the King of the Universe sends out an invitation to his people to spend his special time with him. Won’t you please come? He made this appointment for you. He loves you.

If you’re just starting out, you are not alone! My advice is stick to the Word of God and the example of our rabbi, Yeshua (Jesus). The laws are few, and beyond that, your freedom to celebrate is limited only by your imagination.

That said, if you want more information about the liturgy, you can consult any Siddur (Jewish prayer book–and be prepared to be astonished by the number of references to Messiah Yeshua) or find something made for gentiles grafted into the commonwealth, like First Fruits of Zion’s guide.

Q: What are some scriptures to consult about the Sabbath?

A: The Sabbath is one of those themes you will start to see everywhere once you being to see it, so get ready for an exciting journey with the Lord as you pursue his holiest feast day! Meanwhile, here are some homemade files you’re feel free to download and print the Sabbath Scriptures guide as a quick reference:

PDF Sabbath scriptures

DOCX Sabbath scriptures

PDF Shabbat Shalom 2 (from a friend’s collection)

All the best,




  1. I’m ashamed to admit that my mom and I haven’t always kept the Sabbath. But I will ask God for forgiveness and try harder.

    Have a blessed day, sister.

    • How cool that he has put that desire in you! And I love that you and your mom are walking with the Lord together. =)

  2. Well put and Amain. What a joy Shabbat is to us! We were just saying, “We live from Shabbat to Shabbat!” May it always be so! 🙂

    • Yes, it is such a delight, such a wonderful gift from the Father of lights!

  3. Delightful blog! I am looking forward to learning more. 🙂

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