Ways to Dip without a Mikvah

What if you don’t have a community mikvah? Continue reading “Ways to Dip without a Mikvah”


Removed Links to Mikvah and Niddah: A Woman’s Guide to Family Purity (videos)

Links… and a window to my humiliation at attempting a Powerpoint + Audacity -> Windows Movie Maker = Youtube video. But I tried, and have far more respect for those who can do it well.

This is the original small group Bible study I led on Leviticus 15 and menstrual impurity. In part 1, you’ll see some NT scriptures related to purity and holiness. Part 2 gets to my favorite part: the picture that goes along with my analogy of niddah as a bubble.

Mikvah & Nidah Part 1  and Part 2—- Inactive! I will post a password if I reload these.)

(I disabled all comments on Youtube because I’m so embarrassed about how it looks & sounds, but I am willing to discuss the content of the videos over here on the blog.)

Take care, friends.

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