Remembering the Sabbath: How Honoring the Sabbath is like Being Engaged

Hello, blogging friends!

You’re invited to view this video about the irrepressible romance of the 4th command. If you’re a Sabbath-keeper, help me change the conversation about these commands: They are life and they are a delight! I’d love to hear how you prepare and keep the Sabbath!


If you’re not (or not yet) a sabbath-keeper, I hope the video will give you a glimpse into the weekly anticipation and joy that comes with remembering (acting on behalf of) and keeping (guarding) the 7th day: you, too, were created in God’s image and have a right to rest!

Grace, peace, and love in Christ to you all. And pray that I have the courage to post a link to the video on Facebook Friday afternoon. (Am I the only one who finds the environment of “friends” on Facebook more harsh than the encouraging community on WordPress?)




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